maanantai 7. elokuuta 2017

AS classes

Classes I have held:

Archery in middle ages      - 2005 somewhere in Finland

Tapestry Weaving               - 2008 University

Braies workshop – 2009 Cudgel war

Cartography in Fine Arts and research - 2009, University

Online course from Tapestry weaving, published in Kingdom email list 2009 (7 parts)

University 2010
History and styles of piled vowen rugs and cloaks
DESCRIPTION: The class is based partly in to the sleeping, castle rya documentation for the A&S competition

Metal embroidery – 2014 Cudgel war

Cider brewing - 2014 Academy in Turku

Tapestry weaving - 2016 Spring event in Miehonlinna

Cartographia, expecially roads in maps - 2015 University

Aarnimetsän lastut 16, Beginners quide to tent camp - 2016 Aarnimetsä web site
Medieval printmaking, - 2017 University, Delft

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